Greyfairer The Druid
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 5 6 5 3 8 7
Demi-God 9 9 14 13 6 16 67

Fame Req'd 5
Hiring Cost 150 gold
Maintenance 3 gold per turn
Skills Scouting III, Purification
Hero Skills Spell Caster
Rndm Skills None
Spells Ice Bolt, Petrify, Web

Not bad. That's all that comes to my mind when I think about Greyfairer. He is a fair magic-user with a respectable magical attack strength and a better-than-average casting ability. His nature-based spells are a definate bonus if your wizard does not have Nature books. Although it is a cheap spell, Web is extremely valuable for taking down flying opponents or suspending Great Wyrms.

With no random picks, Greyfairer is not offering much. But what do you expect for only 150 gold? At least you know exactly what you'll be getting each and every game.

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Last Modified 8/18/96