Jaer The Wind Mage
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit magic attack casting
Hero 1 5 6 5 3 6 7
Demi-God 9 9 14 13 6 14 67

Fame Req'd 10
Hiring Cost 200 gold
Maintenance 4 gold per turn
Skills Wind Walking, Missle Immunity
Hero Skills Spell Caster
Rndm Skills 1 Mage
Spells Word or Recall, Guardian Wind

If you can afford a mediocre hero, Jaer can be extremely valuable. While he does have magical ranged attacks and spell casting ability, it is his Wind Walking skill which makes him so useful. Jaer can carry up to 8 other units and fly them across the map, even if the units cannot fly! Imagine being able to transport an army of 8 Paladins or 8 War Trolls halfway across the world in just a turn or two. Then you begin to understand Jaer's value.

The only way Jaer could get any better is if his random Mage pick turns out to be:

Arcane Power

If you need a quick flying transport to move your army around the globe (even across the planes), I would strongly suggest picking up Jaer.

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Last Modified 8/18/96