Marcus The Ranger
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit bow casting
Hero 6 5 6 8 3 5 5
Demi-God 23 9 14 16 6 13 45

Fame Req'd 10
Hiring Cost 200 gold
Maintenance 4 gold per turn
Skills Mountain Walk, Forest Walk, Scouting II
Hero Skills Might, Spell Caster
Rndm Skills None
Spells Resist Elements, Stone Skin

Look at how well rounded out this guy is! To start, he has an impressive melee attack strength of 23 at Demi-God level thanks to his Might skill. But he is actually an archer, which means he can attack magic-immune creatures from a distance (like Sky Drakes). So even if Marcus runs out of arrows, he can still whoop some ass with his fists! Moving on, you will notice that Marcus also has some casting ability and two handy spells. Finally, he has Mountain & Forest Walk and Scouting II so he can move blazingly fast and see a fair distance away.

What doesn't this guy have? Well, he does not have an above-average To Hit ratio. Archers must have a high To Hit factor if they are to be of any value. You could give Marucs a lot of magical items that include +To Hit bonuses, but those take a lot of time and mana to create.

Personally, I would either get Shuri early in the game and stick with her, or wait until I could get Allora the Elven Archer. But if you get the chance, give Marcus a shot.

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Last Modified 8/18/96