Shin Bo The Ninja
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LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit
Hero 6 5 6 7 3
Demi-God 14 9 14 15 10

Fame Req'd 20
Hiring Cost 300 gold
Maintenance 6 gold per turn
Skills Invisibility
Hero Skills Blade Master
Rndm Skills 2 Fighter picks

When I first started playing Master of Magic©, I never saw much of Shin Bo, but every now and then my armies would get mowed down by some invisible creature. "Night Blades?", I thought. "They're tough, but tough enough to take out a whole army?" Finally, one of my few brain cells spoke up and told me that Shin Bo was kicking my ass all across Arcanus. That was when I finally stopped to look at Shin Bo and realize what an awesome hero he is.

He doesn't look too impressive from the start. (And it's not because you can't see him, so quit being a smart-ass.) True, he is invisible which is awesome, but not much of an attacker. However, he is also a Blade Master which gives him a 100% chance To Hit at Demi-God level. Not too bad. But all he has left after that is 2 random fighter picks, which exert a great influence on if and how Shin Bo will be a great hero.

What would be the perfect picks?


First of all, Shin Bo desperately needs more attack strength. Might will boost him up around 22-24 at Demi-God level. Give him an enchanted weapon and he could be doing well over 30. (Usually I love to see Super Might, but in this case, I would rather use that second pick for something else.) Without Might, Shin Bo will not be spilling the amount of blood you want him to.


Shin Bo's invisibility already grants him a great defensive bonus. He cannot be seen by normal units until he is right next to them (by then its too late!), cannot be attacked by ranged weapons since they can't see him, and attackers suffer a -1 To Hit when attacking Shin Bo! But he could use some more shields to protect him. Agility will give him a defense of 17-18 at Demi-God level. Add some +8 plate mail and he will be absolutely untouchable! (Once again, Super Agility is undesirable because we want him to get a Might & Agility combo.)


Basically replaces his shields with hearts (hit points). This would make Shin Bo harder to kill because he would have more hearts. However, I would rather have a hero who did not get hurt in the first place. Therefore, the Agility pick is more valuable than Constitution. (We definitely do not want to see Super Constitution.)

Any other pick would not be as useful as these. We're looking to add beef to our heroes, and these are the picks necessary to do it. So, with the right hero skills, Shin Bo is a bad-ass. However, without the right picks, I might consider passing on Shin Bo. It would be a tough choice.

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