Spyder The Rogue
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star 0 star

LEVEL attack defense resist hits to hit
Hero 7 5 6 8 3
Demi-God 15 9 14 16 6

Fame Req'd 20
Hiring Cost 300 gold
Maintenance 6 gold per turn
Skills None
Hero Skills Leadership, Super Legendary
Rndm Skills 1 Fighter pick

Spyder The Rogue is exactly what he appears to be: all show. He is an average fighter (+1 more than average) and his skills do not help him in any way. The only chance he has of becoming a valuable fighter is his 1 random fighter pick.

Look for:

Constution, or
Blade Master

What Spyder does have going for him is his Leadership and Super Legendary attributes. Once Spyder achieves a moderately high experience level, troops fighting with him will get a slight bonus, and your wizard will receive a lot of extra fame points. Is this valuable? It depends on how you look at it.

Fame is quite a handy thing to have during the game. If you've got it, your troops will work for less gold, mercenaries will cost you less to hire, and magical items cost less to purchase from merchants. Also, it improves the chances of a hero or troop approaching you asking for work. Sounds nice, huh? So naturally you would assume that hiring Spyder would be a good idea.

But take a look at Spyder's stats, and you will realize that it might be too little too late. Spyder requires 20 fame and 300 gold just to hire him. I don't know how the rest of you play MoM, but I rarely see 20 fame until I am well into the game. Therefore, it could be quite a while before you get him. In my past experience, when I finally managed to get Spyder, I was making enough gold that his Fame was not as beneficial and I was powerful enough to make my own weapons. Also, most of my hero slots would be filled, so his fame was useless for attracting new heroes.

The only senario I could envision which would truly utilize Spyder's fame would be one in which your wizard had the Famous pick. With Famous, you start out with 10 fame, so reaching 20 fame should not take too long. If you were lucky enough to get Spyder early in the game, his Super Legendary would boost your fame so high that heroes and mercenaries would be tripping over eachother to work for you. Sounds nice, huh?

Although Spyder has some fantastic benefits, I usually wind up passing on him. However, I am certain that other players with different styles of play could find a way to maximize his features. Hopefully, I will hear of some...

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Last Modified 8/26/96